What is SquiggleDAO?

SquiggleDAO is elevating the Chromie Squiggle to its rightful place in culture as a beloved and seminal art project. We build community, awareness, and ownership around Squiggles because we are committed to cultivating a vibrant future for generative, on-chain art. Learn more.
We began organically, with the community contributing Squiggles in exchange for membership in the DAO. This initiative took root three years ago, back in March 2021, when Squiggles were valued at around 0.3-0.5 ETH each. There was significant enthusiasm for supporting both the DAO and the Squiggle project, resulting in 231 donations. Remarkably, this DAO was the product of entirely grassroots efforts, with volunteers forming initial working groups and individuals contributing pieces without financial backing in ETH or USD.
In December 2021, we secured $8M in funding from prominent VCs such as Standard Crypto, True Ventures, The LAO, and various angel investors within the space. This injection of capital enabled the DAO to embark on numerous ambitious projects.
Today, our Treasury boasts over 330 Squiggles, some of which were generously minted for us by Snowfro himself, including our prized Hyper Bold #9139.

What is a Chromie Squiggle?

Chromie Squiggles are a generative art project created by Erick Calderon (Snowfro), founder of Art Blocks. Squiggles are the first long form generative on-chain art. Squiggles are also the first major 10k edition, on-chain generative art project that used a hash to generate the variables that determine the art. Learn more about Chromie Squiggles here
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