Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chromie Squiggle?
Chromie Squiggle is a generative art project created by Erick Calderon (Snowfro), founder of Art Blocks. Squiggles are the first long form generative art NFT’s. They are described by Erick as “Simple and easily identifiable, each Squiggle embodies the soul of the Art Blocks platform. Consider each my personal signature as an artist, developer, and tinkerer.”
What is the historical significance of Squiggles?
You can read about the history of Chromie Squiggles here . In short, Squiggles hold a special place in the history of both crypto art and generative art. Many influential collectors have identified three landmark stages of generative art on the blockchain:
  • CryptoPunks: first-ever generative art project on a blockchain
  • Autoglyphs: first-ever generative art project on a blockchain with the art stored on the blockchain
  • Chromie Squiggles: the first major 10k on-chain generative art project that used a hash to generate the variables that determine the art
Squiggles also have the distinction of being the genesis project of the Art Blocks platform and the first NFT project created by Erick Calderon, aka Snowfro.
What is a DAO?
DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs are community-owned organizations with ownership tokens living on the blockchain.
What is SquiggleDAO and its goal?
SquiggleDAO is a Squiggle collecting DAO that unites people through a shared passion and appreciation for the Chromie Squiggle to learn, connect, and benefit from the continued growth of the art; creating a more valuable and equitable future for Squiggles.
What is the long-term goal?
The DAO has two long-term goals::
  • Promote the Chromie Squiggle and showcase its relevance in culture.
  • Acquire as many Squiggles, including rarer types, as possible for the DAO treasury, making it the largest collection of publicly viewable Squiggles in the world.
What’s the history of SquiggleDAO?
SquiggleDAO started in March 2021 when a group of five people came together in their common appreciation for the understated Chromie Squiggle. The five people each donated Chromie Squiggles into a multi-signature wallet that became the DAO. The DAO coordinated using a new ERC20 that called $SQUIG, our governance token.
What does SquiggleDAO hold in its treasury?
Collecting Chromie Squiggles is one of the core activities of the DAO, and our Squiggle collection is currently at over 300 Squiggles, including many rare and sought-after specimens. We also hold $SQUIG, USDC, ETH and other assets to help ensure that the DAO can continue carrying out its mission long into the future. We have a dashboard here that shows all the SquiggleDAO treasury holdings.
How do I join the DAO?
We encourage everyone curious about joining the DAO to start by joining the DiscordThere is currently is one way to qualify for full membership:
  • Own 1 SquiggleDAO membership NFT (Opensea)
  • * SquiggleDAO and affiliated parties do not sell the SQUIG token or NFT. The above link is to the OpenSea exchange which is a peer to peer platform. You can buy the NFTs from other members.
    ** Chromie Squiggle holders get access to some gated channels on our Discord. Let us help you buy one
What's the difference between $SQUIG & SquiggleDAO NFT?
$SQUIG is the old governance token used for the DAO. Before, you need a minimum of 1000 $SQUIG tokens to become a DAO member, equivalent to 1 SquiggleDAO NFT. The DAO switched from a $SQUIG token (ERC-20) to an NFT Card (ERC-721) model. The Swap was 1000 $SQUIG to 1 SquiggleDAO NFT and you can still do the swap here.
In order to participate in governance you need to own at least 1 SquiggleDAO NFT, $SQUIG tokens are no longer in use. The SquiggleDAO NFT is our governance token and cannot be used to redeem for Squiggles from our treasury. SquiggleDAO NFTs are for sale on secondary markets like OpenSea and others.
What’s SquiggleDAO’s relationship with Art Blocks and Snowfro?
Erick Calderon, aka Snowfro, is the visionary who created both Chromie Squiggles and the Art Blocks platform for new generative art. Erick is also a wonderful human being who has used his status and influence to raise millions for worthy charities. Although all of us at SquiggleDAO are fans of Art Blocks and the wonderful art that comes out of it, we are a separate entity with no direct affiliation.
We are in constant communication with Snowfro to ensure that our activities are aligned with his vision for Squiggles. That being said, he is careful to not exert too much influence over the DAO because he doesn’t want the DAO to be seen as a way for him to sell his art and influence price.
How 'on-chain' are squiggles?
No NFTs are 100% on-chain because you need software to access the chain and software to render the data into an image. Discussions around how on-chain an NFT is, often relate to whether the image is stored on a blockchain or if there is a pointer in the metadata to an image stored off-chain.
In the case of Squiggles, there is no static image. Instead a script is stored on-chain and also a hash which is used to generate the image from the script. You can read more about it here: How 'On-Chain' is Art Blocks?