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episode 5
The SquiggleDAO Podcast: JDH
In this episode JDH imparts a ton of wisdom about pursuing ideas, collecting, and surrounding yourself with the right people. When it comes to Squiggles, we also discussed why JDH took to bold types so early and how that has played out. Throughout the discussion, it becomes obvious that JDH is one of the most wise people in the space.
episode 4
The SquiggleDAO Podcast: Jonas Lamis
In this episode, we talk to Jonas Lamis. Jonas is currently leading PlayLayer.xyz, an app that allows creators and brands to publish 3D assets and share them via augmented reality.
episode 3
The SquiggleDAO Podcast: Derek Edwards
In this episode, we talk to Derek Edwards who is a managing partner at Collab Currency, a founding member of Flamingo, an advisor to Proof, a member of the Art Blocks Curation board and the co-founder of Glitch Marfa.
episode 2
The SquiggleDAO Podcast: Kevin Rose
In this episode, we talk to Kevin Rose about his story with Squiggles, what inspired him to go deep into gen art & web 3, and how he even used ChatGPT to explore the Squiggle algorithm 🌈 👀
episode 1
The SquiggleDAO Podcast: Von Mises
In this episode, we talk to VonMises. He started his career in traditional finance, was early to crypto, early to NFTs, and was able to see the potential of technology in advance of most.