Elevate Heart
On the occasion of Art Blocks' 3rd anniversary, SquiggleDAO proudly presents "Elevate Heart" by Daniel Calderon Arenas.
Elevate Heart is the creative vision and execution of Daniel Calderon Arenas, with artistic support from brother Erick Calderon.
This project brings life to animated drawings evolving over time. Elevate Heart embodies a positive message, championing the essence of having heart and uplifting others. It not only echoes the spirit of celebration but also explores the realm of figurative expression in generative art.
The release date on November 27th marks the debut of two genre-defining generative art projects: Chromie Squiggle and Genesis, created by Erick Calderon and Daniel Calderon Arenas, respectively. This date also heralds the launch of Art Blocks by founder Erick Calderon. Erick and Daniel, who are brothers, commonly share a creative passion centered around both art and technology.
Drawing artistic inspiration from the likes of Robert Rauschenberg and Jake Fried, Elevate Heart plays with ideas of erasure to produce animated line drawings that are forever changing.
Public sale
November 28th, 2023
0.04 ETH
"Genesis was the proof of concept, Squiggles were the artwork that pushed boundaries of 'what is art' and Elevate Heart explores narrative and animation with positive messaging. They are all pretty different, but the thing in common is that they are our creative visions, independently but with each other's involvement."
- Daniel Calderon Arenas
(on the birth of Art Blocks and the creation of Elevate Heart for the 3 year anniversary.)
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